Student Success

Student with backpack The Michigan Association of State Universities coordinates a broad portfolio of initiatives that support institutions in their quest to help students successfully navigate their postsecondary and occupational aspirations at the state’s public universities. From tutoring and mentoring to academic assistance and financial aid, the association helps direct an array of programs that support the state universities in their efforts to maximize students’ learning outcomes, their educational experience, and ultimately, the completion of high-quality degrees and credentials.

Students from Michigan represent a broad range of nontraditional and traditional learners. Many are the first in their family to attend college, thus requiring a variety of services. While there are elements of the higher education experience which remain consistent from generation to generation, changes in technology and demographics have created myriad opportunities and challenges for students. As a result, student retention and persistence are ongoing priorities, as is decreasing time to graduation. Moreover, the association works with the state universities to provide emphasis on non-traditional students, veterans, and historically underserved student populations. 

Student in labThe Michigan Association of State Universities strives to create a culture of student success by working closely with our member institutions through focusing on the shared values of inclusion, diversity, community, and academic excellence.