MASU Higher Education Public Policy Agenda

Higher Education Policy Priorities for Strengthening the State Universities’ Ability to Serve Michigan

PPA e-bannerThe policy recommendations discussed in the MASU Michigan Higher Education Public Policy Agenda represent a guiding framework within which the state’s public universities can successfully fulfill their missions while ensuring college affordability, public accountability, academic quality, and fiscal sustainability. Issues presented here are commonly deliberated in state legislatures throughout the U.S. and here in Michigan. This fourth edition of the Michigan Higher Education Public Policy Agenda is tailored to Michigan and its unique policy-setting context and is reflective of current issues being discussed in the state’s public policy domain. 

Policymakers should consider public universities integral partners in the development of higher education-related state policy. Furthermore, given the intellectual and analytical resources they house, these institutions will continue to serve as indispensable resources in informing the development and reform of other state policies and programs across the state’s public policy spectrum.

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