Teacher Preparation

State-Institutional Collaboration in Strengthening Teacher Preparation

As in most states across the country, enrollment in undergraduate teacher preparation programs in Michigan has been declining in recent years. A combination of factors account for this, including: demographics (decreasing number of high school graduates), finances (Michigan public school districts have struggled with funding, leading to diminished hiring of new teachers), and criticism of public schools and the teaching profession in the media and among some policymakers. Collectively, these influences have led to a drop in interest in the teaching profession. Many students who do graduate with teaching degrees are accepting employment opportunities that are out of state, despite reported teacher shortages in many regions of the state. The educational policy environment in the state may well lead to continued challenges in teacher preparation. Further, leading professional organizations, including the American Statistical Association, have cautioned against the use of such student test data in assessing teachers.

Policy Actions

  • Promote collaboration between institutions and state officials to strengthen collegiate teacher preparation and professional developments programs.
  • Caution against using student test scores in evaluating teachers, and teacher preparation and professional development programs.