Talent 2025

Allying Across the Sectors: Building Michigan's Talent Infrastructure

Grand Valley State University

Kevin Stotts, President/CEO, Talent 2025

Grand Valley State University is collaborating with more than 50 West Michigan area leaders—drawn from business, media, education, non-profits, and government—to explore the challenge of ensuring an ongoing supply of world-class talent in the region by 2025. As part of this work, special attention is given to early childhood development, K-12 and higher education, issues in the adult workforce, and talent attraction and retention. GVSU plays a central role in this effort, having developed an infrastructure to collect, analyze and effectively disseminate relevant community indicator data. This information allows for the deconstruction of complex social dynamics to demonstrate where resources might best be directed to promote progressive social transformation.

Contact: William Crawley, Associate Dean, College of Community and Public Service (CCPS), crawleyw@gvsu.edu; John Risley, Senior Researcher, Community Research Institute, risleyj@gvsu.edu

Partnering to Develop Michigan's Future Talent

Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University is partnering with businesses and educators in the region to support the development of Michigan's future workforce. These partnerships include working closely with K-12 educators to enhance STEM education as well as helping schools to develop and implement improvement plans. WMU also provides outreach support to business communities through research partnerships that facilitate internships and entrepreneurial skill development. As part of Talent 2025, WMU is working closely with GVSU, FSU, and community colleges to directly support the workforce needs of regional businesses and corporations.

Contact: Alex Enyedi, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, alex.enyedi@wmich.edu

Paving the Way for Talent 2025 in Michigan

Ferris State University

Fritz J. Erickson, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Ferris State University

The Talent 2025 initiative continues to gain momentum in West Michigan, ensuring our economic success with an ongoing supply of world-class talent. This venture succeeds only when all people are provided opportunity to participate. Ferris State University is partnering with several organizations to provide this opportunity, including the West Michigan Hispanic Center to increase Latino participation in higher education, partnerships with 18 Michigan community colleges to serve place-bound students in the completion of bachelor's degrees, and partnering with a multitude of high schools in the pursuit of middle college and college credit opportunities in the fields of business, engineering and healthcare.

Contact: Donald J. Green, Vice President, Extended and International Operations, DonaldGreen@ferris.edu