CMU Officials focus on Cutting Expenditures, Maintaining Quality Education

CMU Officials focus on Cutting Expenditures, Maintaining Quality Education
April 15, 2011/The Saginaw News

By Lindsay Knake

MOUNT PLEASANT -- With an expected decrease in state appropriations, Central Michigan University President George Ross said the university is working on ways to save money.

"We will not not sacrifice academic quality," he said at the Board of Trustees meeting Thursday.

With Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed budget, Michigan's public universities could face at least a 15 percent cut in operational funds from the state. The proposal includes incentives for universities that keep tuition rate raises below 7.1 percent over five years.

CMU officials are working toward implementing additional cost savings. Ross said he will not lay off employees or add furlough days to save money.

The university will lose student tuition money by limiting 2011-12 enrollment to 3,700 to 3,800 incoming students.

In fall 2010, the residence halls were at more than 100 percent capacity, and some students had to share a four person room between five people.

Officials expect an initial residence hall population of 6,200, and an average occupancy of 5,950.

In July, Ross said, he and other administrators will present a balanced budget to the board.

Administrators are working on prioritizing spending, he said.

"We've been doing this for years," Ross said.

The Board of Trustees will address undergraduate tuition in July.

Board Chairwoman Sarah Opperman said the trustees will consider the market when they make their decision.