EMU In Deal With Macomb CC For Degree in Simulation, Animation, Gaming

EMU In Deal With Macomb CC For Degree in Simulation, Animation, Gaming

March 16, 2010/GLITR

Eastern Michigan University this week announced an articulation agreement with Macomb Community College that will allow students to earn a bachelor of science degree in simulation, animation and gaming.


“SAG is one of our fastest growing programs,” said John Boyless, director of the EMU School of Technology Studies. “It hasn’t been a year since we started this interdisciplinary program. This agreement with MCC is a win for both institutions, but more importantly, the students.”


“We are on a mission to help southeastern Michigan and the economy of the state,” said Robert Kansa, associate dean of information technology at MCC. “This agreement allows our students to start locally and save money, then move to EMU to earn a bachelor’s degree. It’s an absolute plus.”


Macomb students will take 30-32 credit hours in English, math, science, humanities and social science. They then will complete 47 credit hours of MCC course requirements. Upon completion of 99 credits, MCC students can transfer to EMU to earn a degree in simulation, animation and gaming.


Upon transferring to EMU, students will complete a minimum of 36-41 credit hours. The EMU SAG degree program includes courses such as texturing and mapping, environmental design, lighting and camera techniques, and simulation and animation dynamics, among others.


“Students in this program are engaged in many fascinating projects, from developing training modules for organizations to projects on campus,” said Boyless. “SAG is the future today. Simulations crosses all disciplines and is used in all facets of our society from law to education.”


Eastern Michigan University currently has 101 articulation agreements with 16 community colleges (13 in Michigan, two in Ohio and one in Canada).


For information about this program go to http://www.emich.edu/cot/sag/index.html or call (800) GO-TO-EMU. (468-6368)

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