UM-Dearborn and Schoolcraft Forge a ‘Reverse Transfer’ Agreement

UM-Dearborn and Schoolcraft Forge a ‘Reverse Transfer’ Agreement
June 18, 2012/University of Michigan - Dearborn News

Schoolcraft College and University of Michigan-Dearborn have forged a formal agreement to help students complete a “reverse transfer” associate degree while working on a bachelor’s degree.

The new reverse transfer agreement creates a process that allows students who transfer from Schoolcraft College to UM-Dearborn to be awarded an associate of arts or general studies associate degree with the help of credits earned at the university. Qualifying students must already have earned 40 credits at the community college prior to transfer. Most associate degrees require 60-72 credits for completion. Current estimates suggest that approximately 180 former Schoolcraft students currently studying at UM-Dearborn will meet the initial selection criteria for participation in this program.

“Essentially, if a student leaves Schoolcraft College with 40 or more credits and transfers to University of Michigan-Dearborn, UM-Dearborn will send the student a letter inviting them to participate in the reverse transfer program,” according to Laurie Kattuah-Snyder, assistant director of student services of Schoolcraft College. “Once the student signs off on the agreement, the UM-Dearborn transcript is mailed back to us and we will verify the credits can be applied and an associate of arts or general studies degree is awarded.”

The agreement marks a well-established partnership between Schoolcraft College and UM-Dearborn.

“UM-Dearborn and Schoolcraft College have a shared commitment to the success of our students, which this agreement further demonstrates,” said Daniel Little, chancellor, UM-Dearborn. “The signing of this reverse transfer agreement, the first signed by both entities, will continue to extend enriching opportunities to Schoolcraft students who choose to join the UM-Dearborn community. It is our hope that this partnership will facilitate students in adding to their academic credentials, thereby increasing their readiness for their future careers.”

Leaders from both institutions joined together to celebrate the agreement during a special signing ceremony, including Conway A. Jeffress, Ph.D., president; Richard Weinkauf, vice president of instruction; Cheryl Hagen, dean of student services; Michelle Koss, assistant dean of student services; Nicole Wilson-Fennel, director of enrollment services/registrar; and Kattuah-Snyder from Schoolcraft College and Daniel Little, Ph.D., chancellor; Christopher Tremblay, assistant vice chancellor; Janice Lewis-Boyd, registrar; Nicate Ferrill, admissions counselor; Deb Peffer, director of admissions and orientation; Stanley Henderson, vice chancellor for enrollment management and student life; Malayappan Shridhar, associate provost; and Cathy Boatin, transfer specialist from University of Michigan-Dearborn.

As directed by the State of Michigan in Public Act 62, other Michigan community colleges and universities have recently signed similar agreements to provide a seamless transfer experience and increase student retention and degree completion at both levels.

“Students are generally aware that associate degree credits can be applied toward bachelor degree requirements, but they are not always familiar with the concept of reverse transfer,” said Dr. Jeffress. “Affordability and portability are two major benefits community colleges provide to students. Ironically these are also often held against community colleges when graduation rates alone are considered. With reverse transfers, we can now count as success stories those students who got what they needed at Schoolcraft and then moved on to pursue their higher education goals elsewhere.”

For more information on the reverse transfer agreement with Schoolcraft College contact Christopher Tremblay, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management at 313-593-5151.