$6 Million Grant Helps MSU Expand Broadband Coverage To Urban Centers

$6 Million Grant Helps MSU Expand Broadband Coverage To Urban Centers

August 25, 2010/Capital Gains


By Suban Nur Cooley


Michigan State University has received a $6 million federal grant to help expand broadband access by creating more public computer centers in urban areas in Michigan.


The grant will be used to increase the number of computers in libraries, public housing centers, tribal and other community centers and community colleges. A total of 207 locations across the state will receive 2,232 computers.


Locally, the project will be working with the Capital Area District Library. "This will increase the availability of computers to patrons and will enable them to run larger classes using those computers,” says Kurt DeMaagd, MSU assistant professor of telecommunication, information studies and media who is leading the project.


Michigan State University students from East Lansing will also be part of internship programs installing the computers across the state. "Through these internships, students will be able to put their classroom knowledge into practice as they help to plan and install the computers at various locations,” says DeMaagd.


MSU will also be working with the Michigan eLibrary to provide online databases with job search and training materials. These databases are available to all people in the state of Michigan, regardless of whether it is accessed from a library, school, home or business.


Source: Kurt DeMaagd, Michigan State University