MSU's Project GREEEN Receives $2 Million For Plant Research In Michigan

MSU's Project GREEEN Receives $2 Million For Plant Research In Michigan

April 28, 2010/Capital Gains


By Suban Nur Cooley



Thanks to funding from MSU-based Project GREEEN (Generating Research and Extension to meet Economic and Environmental Needs), researchers at the university will receive $2.08 million for research and outreach projects to continue growing Michigan's $71.3 billion agri-food and agri-energy industries.


Along with contributing to Michigan's agricultural economy, Project GREEEN funding will also create new jobs.


“A large proportion of funding is granted to projects based on the MSU campus, therefore the funding creates numerous jobs for students and technical experts who reside in the area,” says Doug Buhler, Project GREEEN coordinator and associate director of the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station. “Project GREEEN also funds programs that support entrepreneurs across the state. The primary mechanism is the MSU Product Center that directly supports business development in the Lansing area.”


Project GREEEN is a cooperative effort between plant-based commodities and businesses, alongside the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, MSU Extension and the Michigan Department of Agriculture, to advance Michigan's economy through its plant-based agriculture.


This new funding will support 88 plant agriculture research projects


Source: Doug Buhler, Project GREEEN