Higher Education Dashboard

Welcome to the Presidents Council State Universities of Michigan Dashboard for the 15 public universities of Michigan! 

This dashboard provides policy makers and the public with information on how Michigan’s public universities are performing compared to similar public universities nationally.

The Presidents Council hopes the information presented in this dashboard will be used when making public policy decisions about our universities, one of the state’s most important state resources.

We have organized Michigan’s public universities into six categories defined by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The Carnegie Foundation separates colleges and universities into groups based on several factors. The classification we use for Michigan’s public universities is the Basic Classification, which groups universities according to the number and level of degrees awarded at the school (for example how many bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are granted), the types of degrees offered (for example are the majority of degrees in liberal arts, or the sciences, or are all areas of study offered), where the university is located (for example is the school in an urban, suburban, or rural setting), and the amount of spending on research activity at the school. The Carnegie Class groupings allow for a comparison between Michigan’s universities and a national pool of similar public peer institutions that they compete with for students and faculty.

When you click on each Carnegie Class on the left side-bar the menu will expand to show which Michigan public universities fall under that classification. You will also be taken to a webpage specifically for that Carnegie Class.

Within each Carnegie Class page you will find four categories of metrics. A definition of each metric is provided. Click on each category to go to a set of relevant metrics and graphics. Each graphic is available for download in PDF format next to its title. At the top of each Carnegie Class page you can also download all of the information for that group of universities.

The icons below allow you to download the entire set of graphics (there are more than 100 pages) as well as an Excel spreadsheet with data for all of the schools, one metric to a page. The spreadsheet is also available on each Carnegie Class page.

Take some time to look at how Michigan’s universities compare to their competitors. We will be updating the page annually, allowing users to see changes over time.