Other Useful Links

College Affordability Guide

Provides clear, correct info and advice on the many options students have to reduce the cost of their degree, and to offer a fresh analysis of which colleges are doing the most to make high-quality education affordable. 

Distance Learning--


As the Internet improves and new technologies emerge, educational opportunities online are expanding. Several Michigan public four-year universities, community colleges and organizations offer virtual courses in almost every subject. Whether you’re still in high school or well beyond it, the following links will help you locate an educational opportunity that suits you.

Several of Michigan's public universities offer a variety of courses online. In many cases, you do not have to be a degree-seeking student at that university to enroll for these virtual classes. 

Michigan Virtual University
Locate convenient online courses to upgrade your job skills or earn academic credit from community colleges or four-year universities.



Transfer Options--


Michigan Transfer Network  
This website allows students, advisers, and the general public to view transfer course equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities. If you would like to go back to school, transfer to another institution in Michigan, or simply see how courses at your current institution would transfer to another school, this site is for you!


You can also view a list of the participating institutions along with links to each school's home page, admissions site, and transfer information.  

Michigan K-12 & Postsecondary Data--


Within this website you can find data on K-12 schools and postsecondary institutions for the state of Michigan.



For Schools and Organizations--

The Future Ready Project
This website represents all of Achieve’s communications, outreach and advocacy resources, and is designed to provide all college- and career-ready advocates with the information, strategies, messages, and tools needed to effectively make the case for the college- and career-ready agenda in their states. 

College Positive Volunteerism
Want to help k-12 students realize that they too can successfully obtain a college degree? This page provides resources to help current college students and faculty be better mentors to high school students, providing guidance on ways in which the mentor can help guide their mentee to receiving a college degree.