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College Admissions Experts Hope 2011 High School Graduates will be Better Prepared Academically
Monday, May 23, 2011 (698 reads)

May 23, 2011/Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS — Tom Dupuie pushed himself as a Kenowa Hills High School student, taking tougher classes, like higher mathematics and science.

“I was preparing myself for college,” said Dupuie, now a senior at Ferris State University who expects to finish up his degree on time.

“But some of my friends were taking classes like school store or yearbook,” he said. “Their grade-point averages might have been as high as mine or even higher, but I wonder how they did in college.”

Too often, college admissions experts said, those students did not fare as well, requiring remedial help. They may have had a high school diploma but not necessarily the skills needed to begin college.

Admissions officers from area colleges say it is too soon to tell how the revamped Michigan Merit Curriculum has changed high school students, since the first class affected has sent in applications and transcripts but won’t start classes until the fall.
But they are optimistic the Class of 2011 will be better prepared — and more high schoolers will realize they can handle the academic hurdles of higher education.

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