MSU students: Graduate education key to state’s economic development

MSU students: Graduate education key to state’s economic development

April 20, 2009

EAST LANSING, Mich. — From environmental protection to employment to quality of life, graduate education plays an important role in Michigan’s economic development, according to Michigan State University graduate students who will discuss their research with state legislators during Michigan Graduate Education Day.


Eight MSU graduate students will join more than 60 graduate students from 15 Michigan universities Thursday, April 23. The event is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the south and west wings of the Capitol building. Rep. Pam Byrnes, D-Lyndon Township, and Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, will speak in support of Michigan Graduate Education Week, which runs today through Friday, April 24.


“This is the first time the graduate deans in Michigan have partnered to provide an opportunity for our graduate students to showcase research to the legislators and their staffs,” said Karen Klomparens, dean of MSU’s Graduate School. “The challenge is to explain the research in a way that is relevant and understandable to a general audience. We’re proud to participate and show fine examples of MSU graduate education.”


Two MSU music graduate students will represent the arts while two physics graduate students will discuss the new Facility for Rare Isotopes Beams project. Four graduate students from zoology, and ecology, evolutionary biology and behavior will highlight their research on hyenas in Africa.


“This is a great opportunity to feature graduate student talent, ideas and vision,” said Deb de Laski-Smith, interim dean of Eastern Michigan University’s Graduate School. “Michigan must continue to invest in the recruitment and development of top students to ensure we have great minds keeping us on the forefront of innovation.”


She said Michigan graduate programs prepare students to be leaders in a wide array of fields: microelectronics, engineering, multimedia and digital arts, biomedicine, environmental protection and remediation, new energy sources, ultra-efficient energy systems and digital information management.


Presented by the Michigan Council of Graduate Deans, Michigan Graduate Education Day is a collaborative effort of the following colleges and universities: Central Michigan University, EMU, Grand Valley State University, Madonna University, MSU, Michigan Technological University, Saginaw Valley State University, The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint, Van Andel Institute, Wayne State University and Western Michigan University.

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