Citizen Petitions: Sign today to help the 10,000 Voices agenda gain traction in Lansing

Citizen Petitions: Sign today to help the 10,000 Voices agenda gain traction in Lansing

June 3, 2010/The Center for Michigan


By John Bebow


If you believe in the economic growth, education, and reform proposals outlined in the Michigan's Defining Moment agenda, please lend your name in support as we work to turn those citizen priorities into Lansing's priorities.


Today we're launching with three specific citizen pleas for action. The goal is to gather thousands of signatures and take them to Lansing to greet incoming legislators and the new governor at the beginning of 2011.


The petition language…


TERM LIMIT REFORM: We, the undersigned residents of Michigan,
support lengthening or repealing term limits for legislators. Term limits have weakened the democratic process. Term limits have resulted in a brain drain of experienced legislators, increased influence of lobbyists, and partisan gridlock on the state budget and other important policy matters. We support lengthening term limits beyond the current six years in the House and eight years in the Senate or repealing them outright. We urge the Michigan Legislature to vote to put this measure before voters in 2011.


TAX & BUDGET REFORM: We, the undersigned residents of Michigan,
desire overhaul of Michigan’s public purse. We want a state tax system that: 1) Provides sustainable revenues for essential public services; 2) Adapts to the changing nature of the economy; and, 3) Provides an equitable and competitive environment for economic growth. We want a state budget that: 1) Provides clear and transparent public investment strategies to maximize the talent levels of the present and future workforce and sustain and enhance our quality of life; and, 2) Sets clear goals and benchmarks to measure how public investment strategies return benefits to the people. We urge the new governor and new Legislature to make comprehensive tax and budget reform a reality as soon as possible after the 2010 election.


EDUCATION: We, the undersigned residents of Michigan,
support education as a top public investment priority in our state. We want improved and stable funding for public preschool, K-12, community colleges and universities. In return, we expect high student achievement and increased accountability for successful student outcomes. We urge the governor and Legislature to reverse current priorities and invest more in universities than prisons.


Support any one or all three of these citizen priorities by signing the petitions today and passing them on via email, Facebook, etc. to anyone else you know who cares about Michigan's future.

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