MTU Students Join Protest Against State Education Cuts

MTU Students Join Protest Against State Education Cuts

March 24, 2010/GLITR


MTU Students Join Protest Against State Education Cuts


How far will university students go to make their voices heard in Lansing?


When it comes to Michigan Technological University, in the northwestern corner of the Upper Peninsula, it's about 490 miles.


A busload of Michigan Tech students was to leave campus Wednesday night to ride all night to participate in the Student Association of Michigan rally on the lawn of the Capitol at noon Thursday.


The rally is protesting higher education funding cuts and urging more state support for higher education.


"The state needs to step up, and we need to step up and tell them so," said Keshon Moorehead, an undergraduate who is organizing the Michigan Tech contingent. Moorehead, an electrical engineering major from Detroit, chairs the Michigan Tech Undergraduate Student Government External Affairs Committee.


Les Cook, vice president for student affairs at Michigan Tech, has asked faculty to give consideration to students who miss class because they are riding the rally bus to Lansing.


The Legislature's elimination this year of the Michigan Promise Scholarship and the Michigan Competitive Grant cost nearly 1,300 students at Michigan Tech $2.2 million, Cook said.

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