CMU Opens New Education, Human Services Building

CMU Opens New Education, Human Services Building
WWJ Newsradio 95/September 15, 2009

Thousands of students, faculty and staff are settling into Central Michigan University's new Education and Human Services Building -- a facility that has opened doors for advanced educational opportunities for our students rich with innovative technologies, larger classrooms and new learning spaces.


A grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 2 p.m. Sept. 18 to celebrate the opening of the 137,000-square-foot building -- which naturally stimulates learning in novel ways, said Kathy Koch, interim dean for the College of Education and Human Services.


"Because of the advancements in technology for course delivery, both with face-to-face and distance programs, students are now more engaged in the learning process than ever before," Koch said. "Group work, connecting and sharing with students in other countries, and using new specialized technology all promote active learning."


Technology features include remote video conferencing that allows classrooms to connect to locations around the world, while audio podcasting and video recording equipment inside the 200-seat auditorium captures lectures and presentations.


CopyCams -- cameras that copy the professor's whiteboard notes and automatically uploads them online -- allow students to put their pencils down and focus on the lecture.


New areas such as the Child Development and Learning Laboratory, the science methods lab, and the reading clinic offer enhanced learning opportunities not possible in the college's old facilities.


For example, the reading clinic now has its own location instead of relying on space availability in local public schools.


And the child development and preschool programs, mentoring and tutoring programs, counseling services, and many other activities provided at centers and clinics across campus are now in one building with more space and resources.


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