CMU Startup Harnessing Human Body 'Biopower'

CMU Startup Harnessing Human Body 'Biopower'

WWJ Newsradio 950/September 13, 2009


Who could have conceived of harnessing power that’s available right in a human body?


Bio-Nano Power, at tenant at Central Michigan University Research Corp.'s business accelerator, did just that.


The potential to efficiently capture and use the “bio-fuel” inside each of us has taken a huge step forward, thanks to the dreams, vision and commitment of Nathan Long and his team of researchers at Bio-Nano Power.


On Sept. 2, 2009, Long filed a comprehensive patent, “Bio-Nano Power Cells and Their Uses,” which ties together more than two years of intense biotechnology and nanotechnology research to develop power cells that generate efficient, high density power and emit lower CO2  pollutants.


This opens doors to smaller, stronger, sustainable power that has applications in nearly every conceivable area from miniature medical applications like internal glucose monitors to small and large energy-consuming machines like personal computers or even automobiles. All this is achieved with a system that produces 90 percent less greenhouse gasses and is four times more efficient than standard approaches of burning fuels to generate power.


“As a world, we need to get started on ‘the right way’ to produce energy," Long said. "This new approach, which we’ve proven out in the labs at CMU-RC, is sure to open doors to solve problems such as global warming and energy shortages."


He added: "The results we have achieved come from lots of hard work, but critical to our success was the outstanding support from the team at CMU-RC. Not only did they believe in our ideas, they were there to help us at every juncture from funding needs, to state-of-the-art analytical equipment and facilities, access to CMU faculty, and technical expertise.”


According to Long, the body is full of bio-fuels that can be converted to electrical energy to run devices inside the body, or to be recreated outside for virtually any power-related need. The patented process he has developed and tested combines the strength of advanced biotechnology with honed nanotechnology techniques in a new and different way.


To conceive of it, think of a relay race where you have the best, fastest runners, each who do their best at their piece of the race, passing the baton on to the next star athlete in the line. If you have the right runners, in the right order, all doing their best, you’ll have amazing results. Long’s patented process creates that “team” of enzyme catalyst polymers that efficiently produce power when activated by common bio-fuels.


Long’s vision for Bio-Nano Power is to focus on much needed medical device applications like smaller, faster biosensors for diabetes patients to monitor glucose levels or for clinicians to track and monitor heart conditions through self-powered devices.


“This breakthrough expands the options for so many medical researchers and device manufacturers, by giving them new ways to generate power, and to use that power for new biosensors and device configurations which just were not viable until today,” Long explains.


Additionally, on a more consumer focused level, Bio-Nano Power will soon begin plans to help share this earth-friendly power source by selling “kits” to generate green power for small devices like MP3 players and cell phones and from there, moving to larger applications.


“Watching the progress of Bio-Nano Power has been amazing and rewarding,” says CMU-RC president and CEO Ken Van Der Wende. “Dr. Long and his team are committed, focused and open to the support we can provide. The networks and resources we can provide give people like Nate Long and his team the freedom to focus on their ideas, while we help pave the way for success.”


Long and the Bio-Nano Power team will continue their breakthrough research studies and leverage CMU-RC resources to continue business research and planning for product development, focusing on biosensors and alternative energy applications.


In addition to lab research, product development and business planning, Bio-Nano Power will be seeking additional capital. CMU-RC is guiding them through the investment aspects of such endeavors as well, seeking loans, grants, investors and additional support. For additional information on Bio-Nano Power or CMU-RC, contact Van Der Wende at (989) 774-1574 or (989) 859-3190.


CMU-RC is a non-profit business incubator that provides start-up companies, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies with vital support, relationships and resources. Formed in 2002, CMU-RC helps harness the intellectual, technological and material resources of Central Michigan University to grow their ideas and their businesses.  CMU-RC is a designated Michigan SmartZone -- one of 11 technology-oriented centers across the state -- established to offer tax incentives while supporting research, development and commercialization of new technology to promote economic growth.


Bio-Nano Power is an early stage biomedical and alternative energy nanotechnology company founded in 2008 to invent and commercialize Bio-Nano Power Cell products that generate power from biological energy sources for medical, commercial and industrial applications.


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