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Out of Foster Care, Into College
Thursday, October 31, 2013 (1554 reads)

October 30, 2013

By Michael Winerip 

BY definition, foster children have been delinquent, abandoned, neglected, physically, sexually and/or emotionally abused, and that does not take into account nonstatutory abuses like heartache. About two-thirds never go to college and very few graduate, so it’s a safe bet that those who do have an uncommon resilience.

In a society where many young men and women live with their parents well into their 20s, foster children learn quickly that they are their own responsibility. To find someplace to live in 10th grade Kaleef Starks, now an A student at the University of California, Los Angeles, but back then (to use his words) a gay, effeminate, abused teenager, went to the local library, logged onto a computer and Googled “homeless shelters for youth.”

His closest friend at U.C.L.A., Bianca Boccara, had parents who made her go panhandling with them because they knew passers-by would be more likely to donate if they saw a young child.

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Gov. Nixon Proposes More Higher Education Funding
Friday, October 25, 2013 (703 reads)

October 21, 2013/Associated Press  

By Chris Blank 
JEFFERSON CITY • Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said Monday he will propose a significant funding boost next year for colleges and universities and new resources for financial aid and scholarship programs.

Nixon did not specify the amount of additional money he will recommend for the 2015 budget he presents in January but said he wants "to be aggressive with the funding." He said the proposal will call for institutions to receive the extra money based on performance.

Speaking to higher education leaders in an office building ballroom across the street from the Governor's Mansion, Nixon said post-secondary education is not a luxury for a few but a necessary option for many. He said an affordable higher education should be within reach for all students and that education is the best economic development tool available.

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