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Guest Commentary: To Truly Boost State, Invest in Public Goods
Monday, September 26, 2011 (1745 reads)

September 25, 2011/Detroit Free Press

Michigan and the nation are struggling to identify what can reboot our economy and grow jobs again. A leading argument is that low taxes and reduced government are the answer.


The truth is that to be truly "business friendly" requires strategic investment in public goods -- the things the market does not do itself -- that in turn support business and create conditions for economic growth.

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Best Public-Minded Universities in the Nation: Michigan's Contribution
Thursday, September 01, 2011 (1348 reads)

August 30, 2011/

Rather than assessing colleges based on value, prestige or career success, Washington Monthly asks what the college is doing for the country in terms of educating low-income students, encouraging community service and providing ground-breaking research. Michigan State University and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor are listed in the top 50 universities.

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